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Deciding Which CRM Solution is Right for You: CRM Success Series

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Congratulations. Your business is growing and you’ve decided the time is right to add a customer relationship management (CRM) system to the mix.

Implementing a CRM solution to manage customer relationships, as well as the data and information associated with them, is a big step, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

So, how do you know which kind of CRM solution is right for your business?

6 Ways to Connect Your Entire Business Around the Customer

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The definition of a successful business today is one that puts the customer at the center of the entire company. But how can you make sure your customers are successful when every team in your company -- marketing, sales, and service -- has a different view of the customer? The end result is that your business is splintered. Too many independent visions and working strategies will keep you from getting closer to your customers and your ultimate goal: Customer success.

Accelerate Your Sales Performance: Seven Tips to Sales Success

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Let’s face it, most salespeople dread making the cold call. Who wouldn’t? Essentially, you’re interrupting someone’s day to get something you need out of them — information, a meeting, a new sale, you name it.

But picking up the phone is not only one of the best ways to connect with customers, it’s one of the best prospecting tools you can have in your arsenal. It’s the way to take the lead. And succeed.

Created from the teachings of the best front line Salesforce managers, this book will tell you: