The Salesforce Console for Service

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Salesforce Service cloud

Contact centers today are held back by the number of systems their agents need to learn, adopt and use to solve customer questions. When agents need to access multiple applications to solve a question, they are slowed down and more likely to be inaccurate. Along with this reduction in efficiency, customer data is corrupted over time as different information is added to the various solutions that don’t speak to each other. The result is less productive agents and, in turn, lower customer satisfaction.

Today’s customers expect fast, accurate answers across their channel of choice. To keep up with these expectations, traditional call centers must transform into “customer engagement centers.” Organizations must be equipped to respond on mainstream channels like phone and email, as well as less traditional lines of communication, such as social networks and chat. They also expect the same consistent experience across every channel and through a mobile interface. As companies add these new channels to keep up with evolving customer needs, they struggle internally to integrate them all together in an easy user experience for their agents.