Analyzing Top Talent

A growing trend in the world of data is the topic of talent analytics. According to IDG’s 2015 Big Data and Analytics Survey, companies implementing data-driven projects has grown by 125 percent. The power of business intelligence has been extended onto the recruiting world to find top quality candidates and improve employee retention.

The Power of the First Call

The relationship with a customer does not conclude following a purchase and the customer experience lifecycle is no longer a line with a beginning and ending. It is merely the beginning of your relationship. The customer experience lifecycle has become circular, with retention and referral connecting a happy customer to continued life with a company.

Setting Up for Interview Success

The interview is an important part of any job search process. Similar to a first date  , it shows an initial interest from both parties. In order to put your best foot forward during the interview process, it is important to not go into the interview blindly.

Cybersecurity Hiring Surge

One of the most popular technical fields currently is cybersecurity; 47 percent of companies are seeking to hire between one and 10 professionals in this field in 2016. With its current employment and popularity boom, it is more difficult than ever to find top talent to fill your technical openings.

The Outsourcing Toolkit

There can be a lot of benefit from outsourcing or partnering with external resources on projects; it has become a vital part of today’s modern business. It opens your team up to strong resources that will set your company up for maximum potential on complex technology projects.

Gray Out/Block Unavailable Time on Kendo Scheduler (JS)

I've recently been working with a Kendo Scheduler control. It's a great tool, and fairly simple to customize once you get familiar with it. Something that I found was requested a lot on the Scheduler forums, but not available out-of-box, was to "gray out" or block off time on the scheduler. For example if you only want to your business hours to be available (which may vary day-to-day).

Technical Interview Tips

An important part of most technical job hiring processes is the technical interview. The technical interview will assist in separating the job candidates from the total applicant pool. This portion of the interview process tests the skills written on your resume. It also assists in demonstrating your thought process to the hiring team.

Winning the Talent War

The technical hiring demand is growing continually to cover the projects and initiatives companies are seeking to complete in the upcoming year. However, with so many companies looking to grow their technical talent, it is up to each company to explore new methods of sourcing and hiring top talent. What can your company do in order to attain top talent who can deliver value to your company?