IT Project Management Glossary - Volume 1

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IT Consulting

Every discipline has its own specific set of vocabulary. Project management is no exception. In order to successfully utilize project management in your organization, all parties involved need to standardize their terminology, especially when new associates are joining your team from other companies or teams. That way, when one person talks about risks, scope, issues, requirements and other project management concerns, everyone else knows what he or she is referring to.

Introducing the Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

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The C-Suite is expanding again. The newest addition to the team is the Chief Customer Officer (CCO). According to the CCO Council’s Annual Chief Customer Officer Study, the CCO role is quickly becoming a “staple of modern business,” as 22 percent of Fortune 100 and 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies already having one on their team. Founder and Executive Director of the CCO Council, Curtis Bingham, believes “with accessibility and consistency of customer experience in mind, many companies have turned to creating a CCO position in the C-Suite.

Unlocking your Sales Data with User-Driven BI

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Business Intelligence

You don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a car. Therefore, why should you need to be an IT professional to access enterprise data and insight? This white paper demonstrates the rise of business discovery roles in unlocking the power of sales data with user-driven BI and introduces how sales teams are enabled by five essential components for successful business discovery.

The Social Media Age of Recruiting

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IT Staffing Solutions

In the world of recruiting, today, peoplecasting is becoming more important than forecasting. A company can have a fantastic business strategy, but if you do not have the best people in place to build the products and services, it will not be able to be executed. The “War for Talent” is impacting companies all over the globe, with employee acquisition and talent retention being more important than before. A key to completing this puzzle is likely social media.