Resolving Image URLs Within MVC StyleBundle

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I joined in on an existing MVC project recently, which utilized StyleBundles. The project already had references to stylesheets that I would be using, so I jumped in and started making changes. I wasn't at it long when I noticed that I was getting 404 errors on some of the images that I referenced in my stylesheet. Initially I just thought maybe I made a mistake with the relative path to the image (as I do on occasion), but after some testing I confirmed that this was not the case.

A Referral Culture

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IT Staffing Solutions

At any company, your next top employee can be one degree of separation away. These top prospects could be introduced to your company in the form of a referral. Referrals often introduce strong, quality talent to your job pool, in addition to reducing time to hire and make recruiters’ job simpler. Referrals, if hired, often cost less, perform better and stay with the company longer. A recruiting survey for 2014 determined that referrals were the top source for hiring, filling 20 percent of job openings by those surveyed. 

New White Paper Delivers Critical Insight into CRM Adoption

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Customer Relationship Management

We are excited to announce the release of our white paper: “CRM Adoption: An Organizational Change Management Framework.” A copy of the white paper can be found here. The white paper is organized to make a successful change management framework and its underlying principles more accessible to adoption planning teams and corporate executives. An associated PowerPoint presentation is additionally available upon request.

Making the Case for Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation

It can, at times, be difficult to explain how essential marketing automation can be to your company. You are all on board and see how marketing automation can only improve your marketing efforts. However, your employer may still be unsure about making the investment. Getting major budget items approved for new technologies can be a process, especially when having to justify the ROI for the purchase. However, building a strong business case will definitely help your presentation. Below are four strong argument points for the benefits of marketing automation.