Change the Way You May be Looking at Marketing

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As a new fiscal year begins, marketing agendas for the new year should certainly be a central topic of conversation. It is common for organizations, especially at the small business level, to get tied down in daily business operations and consequently view marketing communications as a chore rather than as a tool set for continued growth and success.  As 2013 plans begin to take shape, it is important to look back on 2012 strategies and highlight areas for improvement in the year to come. This year, make sure you have a plan for better marketing communications. According to a blog entry, “Marketing Is a Habit, Not an Event” by John Jantsch from his website, he challenges his readers to stop viewing marketing as a chore and more as a journey towards better engagement and communication with your clients and prospects. Creating a marketing calendar and coordinating weekly staff meetings will engrain marketing as an essential aspect of your business and deliver a healthy ROI. Create a monthly content theme, develop projects, resources and partnerships related to your theme. When you take a month to month systematic approach to marketing you will begin to find that progress happens.  Mr. Jantsch notes, “It must be something that invades your daily routine.  You must identify and keep two or three high priority marketing activities at the top of your project list each month.”  It is important to understand that marketing is a marathon not a sprint. Develop a short-term plan for incremental marketing improvements, execute on that plan and always be willing to adapt your strategy along the way as you gain knowledge and insight in to your marketplace.

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