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Embedding Analytics with Qlik

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Whether you are a product owner or developer looking to get to market fast with powerful and intuitive visual analytics for your customers or an organization looking to embed analytics within every step of your business application’s workflow for immediate, accurate insights, you will find this overview valuable.


11 BI Trends for 2018

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Business Intelligence

How do successful companies leverage their data, people and ideas as strategic assets in today's dynamic business environments? By freeing them from their silos and connecting them in innovative ways to drive powerful insights. We’ve identified 11 emerging trends for 2018 that make this possible, so you can begin to transform your business.

Using a Variable for a File Path in QlikSense

One of the things I typically do when working with a load script in QlikView is to assign a variable to the file path to my QVD files. That way, if the path changes, I only have to update it in one place instead of multiple places throughout the script. It usually looks something like this:

QlikView for workforce management

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In Human Resources, it is all about assigning the right employees, with the right skills, to the right job, at the right time. And analytics is transforming the impact HR has on the business. The QlikView Business DiscoveryTM platform provides HR departments with a deep analysis of workforce management to drive profitability through multiple business partners. With QlikView, users can monitor staffing productivity trends, assess learning offerings and training, and improve employee relations, while reducing costs and optimizing performance.

Multiple QlikView Select in Field String Values

I have a list box in QlikView that has an order status field. It had three values: Open, Posted and Deleted. I had a situation in QlikView where when the document opens I wanted to select Open and Posted, but not Deleted. Someone suggested that I use Open|Posted in the search string. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. I searched and searched and found plenty of different ways suggesting to do it and none worked except for using a macro. I didn’t want to use a macro and I knew there had to be a way.