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The B2B Perspective on Marketing Technology Trends

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Marketing Technologies

Marketing technologies today are constantly evolving to meet the needs of modern marketers, but effectiveness isn’t assured with this evolution.

From the B2B perspective, what trends will have the most impact on the effectiveness of marketing technology?

To find out, get this exclusive research report, which includes:

  • The current state of MarTech implementation
  • The barriers to marketing technology success
  • How marketing technology effectiveness is changing
  • Tips for driving results with marketing technology

5 Ways to Boost Sales with a User-Driven BI Tool

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Leading sales organizations are relying on better data to outmaneuver competitors. This eBook reveals the five essential components to arm your sales professionals with relevant insights, wherever and whenever they interact with customers and prospects.

Building an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy: A Guide for Dynamics 365 Marketers

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Marketers go where their customers are, and increasingly that is to digital channels. But in order to succeed, it isn’t enough to just be there; you must have a strategy too.

This guide was developed with that in mind, and specifically for marketers at organizations that utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365. Download this eBook to learn how to build, evaluate and refine your digital marketing strategy while gaining an understanding of the digital marketing tactics and technologies available today.

The B2B Perspective on Marketing Resource Effectiveness

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With so many marketing tactics, technologies and channels to choose from today, well-planned marketing strategies are more important than ever. Increasingly, marketing teams are turning to outside resources to successfully create and execute on these strategies by leveraging skills and knowledge that may not be available in-house.

But how are B2B marketers utilizing outside resources to optimize results?