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QlikView for workforce management

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In Human Resources, it is all about assigning the right employees, with the right skills, to the right job, at the right time. And analytics is transforming the impact HR has on the business. The QlikView Business DiscoveryTM platform provides HR departments with a deep analysis of workforce management to drive profitability through multiple business partners. With QlikView, users can monitor staffing productivity trends, assess learning offerings and training, and improve employee relations, while reducing costs and optimizing performance.

Alteryx and Teradata

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Combining the capabilities of the Alteryx Analytics platform with the powerful processing of Teradata’s data warehouse, you can:

Access the right data, wherever it resides, without waiting on overburdened IT staff

Deliver advanced, easy-to-use analytic applications to decision-makers, enabling simple analysis of all relevant data

Leverage high-performance, in-database analytics for Teradata, Data Labs, and Teradata Aster, supporting faster and more efficient decision-making

Alteryx and Tableau Software

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Combining the data blending and advanced analytics of the Alteryx Analytics platform with the rich visualizations of Tableau, you can:

  • Blend all relevant data sources and enrich them with third-party data—all in a single workflow
  • Give your data analytical context by providing statistical, predictive and deep geo-spatial analytics
  • Visualize your analytic results in Tableau to enable faster, more informed decisions.

Alteryx and Revolution Analytics

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With Alteryx and Revolution Analytics, you can:

  • Empower analysts with easy to use predictive tools combined with the leading R platform
  • Deliver enterprise-scale predictive analytics to line of business analysts
  • Enable a broader audience to harness the universe of R