10 Essential Steps to Creating a Single View of Your Customers in Salesforce

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The terms "Single View of a Customer" (SVC) and "360-degree view of your customer" are often used by marketers and sales people. Day-in and day-out, you collect information about your customers to use for analysis, forecasting and budget planning.

Most of the time you would hope that this information is present and correct in Salesforce, ready and waiting for the sales people to access. Unfortunately, in many cases, Accounts and Contacts in Salesforce can be lacking the key historical details on customers that make the crucial difference between an upsell or renewal opportunity and no result.

Do you struggle with answering the following questions...

  • What did your customers buy?
  • How much did the customer pay for it? Did they pay on time?
  • Were there any issues with delivery/implementation of the product?

Discover the real and tangible business benefits brought about by getting a Single View of your Customer in Salesforce.