CRM 2011: Custom Reports & the rsProcessingAborted Error

I created a custom report for CRM 2011 in BIDS months ago for a client, but was recently notified that it had stopped working after some significant changes were made to their environment. Out-of-the-box reports would display just fine, but the one I wrote displayed a vague “The report cannot be displayed. (rsProcessingAborted)” message and there was nothing useful in the Event Viewer to shed more light on the problem.

After confirming that the data source and credentials my report was using were still valid, I started poking around and discovered that other custom reports, even those created through the CRM 2011 Report Wizard, were failing with the same error. I tried a few solutions that I found online, but the one that fixed it is covered in When CRM 2011 Custom Reports Don’t Work.

Turns out all I needed to do was look up which account was being used for the CRM Application account by checking the CRMAppPool in IIS, then add an SPN for it with “setspn –a HTTP/NETBIOSNAME DOMAINSERVICEACCOUNT”. Such a quick and easy solution for something I was beginning to worry would end up being a real headache to fix! 

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