MVC: Dropdown list for Enums

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In .NET, enums are a heavily used component of the framework. I personally love the use of enums because it is a strictly typed datatype and increases code readability significantly. Since it is also supported in the Entity Framework, I find myself dealing with a lot of entities that contain enum-based properties. Consequently, this bleeds into the design of my view models, which will often “inherit” the properties’ datatypes of the entities they are based on. This is in particular true for view models that are part of an HTML form and will therefore be sent back to a controller method.

The CRM and Marketing Dynamic Duo

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Customer Relationship Management

One size fits all marketing is a thing of the past. Modern marketing techniques are shifting to more of a business-demand focus with a desire for better ROI and attribution. The marketing techniques are shifting towards a personalized experience, rather than sending mass emails. Marketers are now interested in taking advantage of all that marketing technology has to offer. 

Sales Technology Trends to Watch

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Platform & Cloud Solutions

Technology is transforming sales more than ever before. Between mobile enhancements, analytics, cloud computing and context-rich systems, salespeople and potential customers are able to engage in more efficient manners. Recently, Gartner released a list of ten technology trends to look out for in 2015. Many of those trends will affect salespeople in the upcoming year.

The Happy Self-Service Workplace

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Business Intelligence

A happy workplace is often a strong, productive workplace filled with top talent. What does this have to do with business intelligence? User-oriented, easy to use business intelligence tools aid in encouraging a happy workplace for those compiling data for the business. According to Gartner, process-centric interfaces for data collecting limit choices, mobility and content, stressing and disrupting employees. Consumer-centric environments, alternatively, focus on the applications and software that users prefer to use. They are easy to use, filled with strong content in a mobile manner.