AJAX Error Handling with JQuery

I was recently working on a website that was heavily reliant on AJAX requests. JQuery has a lot of methods to define and process AJAX requests in a convenient fashion, but I noticed that one feature JQuery offers is often overlooked by developers, even though it was added back in version 1.0. 

Expose SQL Server data as an OData Endpoint with WCF Data Services

WCF Data Services has been around for some time. It’s the .NET programming framework for building OData services. I’ve used OData a bit with Dynamics CRM in the past, but it wasn’t until recently when I leverage WCF Data Services that I really appreciated its ease of use.


What is your company’s stance on boomerang employees? Boomerang employees, employees who once left your company, have a different stigma today than in years past. Companies are becoming much more accepting of rehiring a former employee. In a recent study, 76 percent of those surveyed stated their company is more accepting of hiring boomerang employees today.

Job Hunting While Employed

Employed? Looking for a new job? According to some recruiting professionals, that fact might make you more attractive to potential employers, as employers want the best possible hires, often those who already are employed. However, trying to balance your current role, while also seeking your next career opportunity is a slippery slope.

Appealing to Millennials

Are you a millennial? If you were born between 1980 and 2000, you fit in this generation. They have become a topic of conversation as, with 80 million strong, they now outnumber the baby boomers and have a different perspective than their predecessors.

The Evolution of Cloud Technology

There is no debate. If you are not using cloud technology, then your company will be at a major disadvantage. A recent study found that 84 percent of surveyed respondents increased their cloud use, 39 percent of respondents indicated their companies increased cloud use significantly.

Passing the Technical Screen

An important part of any job interview for a technical role is the technical interview or skills test. It is one thing to be able to say you have the necessary skills or list them on your resume, but demonstrating those skills is imperative. If you want to be prepared for the all-important technical screen, here are a few tips on what NOT to do throughout the interviewing process.

Creating Linked Data without Foreign Keys

I was helping to prepare a demo for a customer that contained two related entities, but, unfortunately, the customer didn’t give us the foreign key between the two sets of data. Fortunately, we can use Excel to create an artificial relationship for the purpose of a demo.

Simplifying the Referral Game

Candidate referrals are an incredibly effective way to source top new talent for your business. Not only are they more likely to provide higher quality work, but they will likely be more engaged in your company. As an added benefit, they will often take less time and cost less to source.