Selenium Part 2

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In this blog post we are going to discuss how to restructure our Selenium test case from the previous tutorial to separate Selenium related code from the actual test logic. Let’s look at a common approach that established itself as a widely used pattern in the Selenium testing world.

The Page Object Pattern

Ten Hottest IT Skills for 2015

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IT Staffing Solutions

2015 may be a year of continued IT talent success. According to Computerworld’s 2015 Forecast survey, 24 percent of respondents mentioned their companies are planning to add more IT talent to their ranks in the upcoming year, demonstrating the prospects for expansion are strong.

Specifically, the technical skills most sought after are those needed for companies in expansion mode, suggesting that organization are continuing to invest in their IT infrastructures. Companies are working on large initiatives, therefore needing the best talent to complete the projects. 

Resolutions for Better Team Collaboration

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IT Consulting

No better time than the start of a new year to set resolutions for your team to better collaborate efforts. If your team is still having issues with collaboration or seeking to improve your platform, here are seven resolutions to give your team the extra push to implement the necessary changes to help make collaboration an integral piece of project management and communication.

IT Project Management Glossary - Volume 1

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IT Consulting

Every discipline has its own specific set of vocabulary. Project management is no exception. In order to successfully utilize project management in your organization, all parties involved need to standardize their terminology, especially when new associates are joining your team from other companies or teams. That way, when one person talks about risks, scope, issues, requirements and other project management concerns, everyone else knows what he or she is referring to.