Accessing MVC View Model Properties in a Loop

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With MVC, it’s easy to access the model that’s bound to a view and display the various property names and values. As a matter of fact, the scaffolding feature does just that. However, I wanted to simply display the property name (or display name) and its value, one property per line for emailing purposes, so I was looking for a way to just loop through the properties. That way, if the model changed in the future, no changes would be needed in my view.

The Agile Approach

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IT Consulting

Choosing the wrong project management style for your business can leave you and your team weighed down, especially when the workload is heavy and piling up. Often, this is how the waterfall project management style is seen, which makes decision-making and innovation critical to forward product development. 

The Power of Upsell and Cross-Sell with CRM

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Customer Relationship Management

There is a lot of value in cross-sell and upsell opportunities as it relates to company success and the bottom line, in addition to the advantage of the customer. It is a win-win situation. The customer gets all their needs met and the best product possible for their business, while the company receives increased profit. On top of those benefits, it is much easier and less costly to cross-sell to existing customers as opposed to wooing and winning over new clients. Research has even defined it as being 50 percent easier.

Compensation ≠ Retention

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IT Staffing Solutions

Today, employee retention is a very critical issue in the workplace. In 2011, Deloitte released a study called “Talent Edge 2020: Building the Recovery Together: What Talent Expects and How Leaders are Responding.” In this study, research found that the majority of workers want to leave their jobs for better opportunities. However, 53 percent of those employees interested in leaving would reconsider if their employer improved their job advancement and promotion opportunities.