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Microsoft Dynamics 365 October '18 Release

It is always exciting to see what new features and opportunities come with the release of a new edition of a business application. With it, brings new opportunities to streamline processes, become more cohesive through technology offerings, and drive technology cutting edge innovation. 

This is exactly what to look forward to with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 October '18 Release. Below you will find a few of the new functionalities to expect and look forward to:

Big Announcements from Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite took place September 24-28, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. During the conference, Microsoft has made big announcements about new features and products across a variety of business areas.

Putting Sales in Marketing Automation

Putting Sales in Marketing Automation

If you’re a salesperson, I know what you might be thinking when you hear the phrase, “marketing automation”: “What’s in it for me?” The answer is “a lot!” Though they are sometimes at odds over their methods, marketing and sales really do have the same goal in mind…to increase revenue and profit for the company.

Keys to Successful Adoption

Keys to Successful Adoption

Investing in a new technology platform comes with time, learning and trial and error. However, the benefits of adding a system, such as marketing automation, to your organization is worth the investment. These investments, when fully implemented and adopted, can produce an impressive return on investment. They allow organizations to better personalize their efforts with customers and improve their actions moving forward. 

Truth in the Numbers

Truth in the Numbers

As technology plays an increasing role in the landscape of marketing, the need for showing an ROI increases concomitantly. One example of this role is seen with marketing automation. In addition to adding efficiency to lead nurturing and customer outreach, automation can also allow for increased personalization.

Data's Role in Content Marketing

In the world of marketing, increased viewership could mean opening the door to more conversations. More conversations could lead to new clients, long-term relationships and new revenue. However, the debate continues: What type of content should your company be publishing to serve as seeds for those conversations?

Sending an Email Created in a Workflow

I had a situation where I was creating an email in a workflow using the standard step of "Create Email." After the email was created, some custom processing was done on it (specifically, creating a PDF and attaching it to the email). Since this was my first foray into the territory of creating emails in a workflow with custom processing, I thought it would be as easy as setting the status of the email to "Send" and it would automatically get sent. Nope, it's not that easy – but it isn't that hard to get done, either. It does take a little bit of code in a custom workflow step.