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Dynamics 365/CRM 2016: How to Share Personal Views in the Mobile App

Whether you’re a user that just wants to share a view with someone or you’re an administrator/manager that would like to create and distribute personalized views, sharing personal views is a very common thing, so it’s surprising that CRM for Tablets does not support it. Shared views that a user does not own do not display in the mobile app. Even worse, if the user has access to a dashboard that contains personal views, they’ll receive a generic error:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Independent Sales Rep Access

Have you given your independent sales reps CRM licenses so they can access CRM directly, rather than going through the Portal? Do you want them to have visibility only to the accounts, opportunities and leads that they are personally working? 

The following steps will help you achieve this via the use of Access Teams:

Dynamics 365: Setting Expectations for Online vs. On-Premise

With the impending release of both the online and on-premises Dynamics 365 updates, it’s time to start getting hyped for the new functionality heading our way. However, the on-premises release won’t match the online release, feature-for-feature, which is how Microsoft has been handling the updates for years. To get a sense for what you will and will not be able to use, there's an FAQ that covers the major differences.

CRM Tells All

CRM Tells All

In business, information is power. The better and more complete the information available to your team is, the greater the potential to achieve even greater results. The same mindset is applicable with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information.

Gain ROI on your Marketing Automation Implementation

Gain ROI on your Marketing Automation Implementation

Increased revenue. Better brand recognition. New business development. These are a few of the reasons companies conduct marketing programs. There are many tools to help businesses accomplish this, with a new one gaining a lot of attention recently: the marketing automation system.