Telerik RadComboBox Visual Artifact in IE9 Compatibility Mode

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We have a web application that we support for IE 7, 8, and 9, both in and out of compatibility mode, and, despite the quirks between the three versions, we fortunately don't run into too many browser-specific issues. I did have to recently address an odd visual artifact, though, that appeared on our RadComboBoxes after we upgraded our Telerik .dll's to the latest version. It wasn't present in IE8, but did pop up in IE7 and IE9 Compatibility Mode: That tiny 4x1 gray spot was maddening; we were just using the default styling for the Telerik controls and the only things that changed were the Telerik .dll's, themselves, so it couldn't be a problem with our application, right? Wrong! The Telerik controls are built from several basic HTML elements and the one causing us grief was the "a" tag used for the dropdownlist arrow: Turns out that we had defined a CSS class for that element and it was the "word-wrap" that was breaking everything: [code] A { WORD-WRAP: break-word; COLOR: #2d66b3; TEXT-DECORATION: underline } [/code] Once we had that pinned down, it was just a matter of setting something up to override that for the RadComboBox: [code] .RadComboBox TD.rcbArrowCell A { word-wrap: normal; } [/code] Just goes to show that you never know what quirks might appear with even the most innocuous of updates.

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