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Big Announcements from Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite took place September 24-28, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. During the conference, Microsoft has made big announcements about new features and products across a variety of business areas.

Transforming Group Collaboration

Transforming Group Collaboration

The enterprise social network, Yammer, is taking collaboration a step farther: to the team. Yammer is making collaboration easier than ever before with a belief that information is most valuable when shared amongst your team, leading to greater productivity in today’s dynamic teams. Not only will Yammer be more deeply rooted in Office 365, but with Yammer groups, members can share and collaborate within a confined space on the topic at hand. Users will be able to seamlessly move between Yammer, Skype meeting, Outlook emails and files on OneDrive.

Collaboration on the Go

Today, time is a luxury that most of us don’t have in the office. We are constantly on the go, moving between meetings, projects and deadlines. We don’t have time to be strapped to our desks all day in the hopes of completing projects and hoping those collaborating are available at the same time. And, as an added hurdle, more teams are spread out. Every member of your team won’t necessarily be located in the same building. If your team is spread out across the country, waiting by your email for updates is not an option we often have. 

SharePoint Server 2016 Update

SharePoint Server 2016 Update

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate (Beta 2) is in the process creating very positive impressions. Interestingly, with the release of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 comes a turn in the SharePoint offerings moving forward. SharePoint is clearly at a crossroads. A commitment to choose between On-Premise and Cloud is likely to soon to lean heavily towards SharePoint as a service. These signals are important to consider as your company determines its planning horizon to move important SharePoint-based applications to The Cloud.

Why SharePoint?

Why SharePoint?

As we close out the year and look toward what new opportunities come in the upcoming year, many companies are looking at what technologies should be integrated into their processes in order to increase collaboration and complete work more efficiently. One such tool for the conversation is Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint is the new way to work together. The addition of SharePoint to your business will give your team a distinct competitive advantage, allowing employees to work faster and smarter. 

Updates on SharePoint 2016

Updates on SharePoint 2016

According to Microsoft, SharePoint 2016 is on the horizon. While Microsoft has been making advances with its cloud updates on Office 365, they will also be releasing a new server system in the second quarter of 2016 with a public beta version being released during the fourth quarter of this year. 

Cloud Technology: The Future of Business

Cloud technology has changed the future of business and some believe that it will be the only way businesses will function. It is beneficial for a company of any size and allows flexibility for companies to save money, and free up the necessity to manage complex technologies. Six opportunities cloud technology can enhance your business: Data back up

Marketers: Pros of Cloud Technology

When it comes to cloud technology what are the beneficial features that it provides to organizations?

Helps marketers focus on business values than at its data center

Identify data values for business instead of focusing on managing your data center by utilizing the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud storage system with less focus on the IT aspect of data management and storage.

It is cost efficient

Store company data minus the regular IT expenses for machineries and employees.