Seven Deadly Sins of Recruiting

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Seven Deadly Sins of Recruiting

Recruiting is a game of connections. It’s important to evaluate whom will you connect with, what they will bring to the table and if it is a good fit with your company. Recruiting is also a game of skill. Hiring managers need to evaluate if the candidate’s true qualifications match their resume, if they’ll follow through on the process and spotting the best candidate for a role. As you hire for each opening, you will be tempted with candidates who seem too good to be true, and a hard to fill position can make you wonder if you’ll ever find the right candidate. The goal, besides finding the new hire that will best fit your company, is to not fall culprit to the seven deadly sins of recruiting.

Lust: Only Focusing on the “Perfect Candidate”

What company wouldn’t want to find a perfect candidate who requires minimal on-boarding? This is, however, a rare find. Qualified candidates will bring experience and knowledge to each new role, but they will benefit from time and practice in their new role. Don’t limit your search to the perfect candidate. With training and time, candidates with raw skills will deliver strong results. 

Greed: First Candidate and Close

Unless the first candidate you speak to blows your team away, don’t stay close-minded on the initial candidate you interview. The costs of re-hiring will be greater than the time to find the best fit. There is no need to envy those who have quickly found the best candidate of the first try; it may take a week or two to get a large pool to interview from.

Pride: Easily Misconstrued Titles 

Just because a position is given a certain title, does not mean all qualified candidates know the position by that given title. In order to cast a wide enough net, do not be prideful in your company’s lingo. When posting on job boards and doing other recruiting outreach, speak in a manner that concisely, but thoroughly, explains the role and its requirements. Fun titles can be easily misconstrued and could prevent top candidates from finding your posting.

Sloth: Blindly Believing a Resume

Especially in skill-heavy roles, do not blindly believe the experience listed on a resume. Qualified candidates should not be scared away by a skills test; it is a chance for them to further prove their worth. Laziness in qualifying candidates could lead to another job search sooner than you had planned. 

Envy: Top Candidate for Minimal Rates

If your company wants the top candidate for the opening, you must be willing to compensate in at least the 50th percentile. Your hiring team should do a proper analysis on what the average pay scale is for an open position in the field and location. If you are willing to go above your budget for the best candidate, that is great, but underpaying will only leave your company with a smaller candidate pool.

Gluttony: Only Seeking Active Candidates

Overindulging on candidates wanting your role is limiting the net cast. Only a small portion of the candidate pool is made up of actively searching candidates.  Often, many of the most qualified candidates are delivering top performance at another company. By limiting your search to those who are pursuing your company, you are limiting your chances of finding top performers.

Wrath: Denying Candidates Negatively

You never know when today’s candidate could be tomorrow’s customer. Treat each candidate in a positive manner. Word spreads like wildfire, especially in small industries. The better you treat each candidate, the more positively they will speak about your company, even if they are not chosen for the role.

In the world of recruiting, your hiring team could be its own worst enemy. When working to fill an opening, keep an open mind and look for the candidate who would make the best fit over time. The moment you limit your reach is the instance that the best candidate could be missed. Focus your time and resources on sidestepping the seven deadly sins and find the right employees for your company.

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