Revealing the ROI of CRM

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One of the biggest question marks when investing in a new technology stack or platform is what the technology will bring in terms of return to the company implementing the technology. At Microsoft Ignite this year, stories were shared about how the implementation of the CRM platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, increased productivity and allowed organizations to meet the changing needs and expectations for their customer base. This opened the door to ask the question: "What is the true return on investment (ROI) for an average Dynamics 365 deployment?" The greater the ROI, the more beneficial the investment is overall, despite the higher price tag upfront.

For Microsoft Dynamics 365, the ROI is $16.97 for every dollar spent. This is quite the return, much greater than the average Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool or CRM platform, at $7.23 and $8.71, respectively. This shows Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more than merely a CRM system thanks to its cloud capabilties, integration tools and analytics offerings, among other benefits. The implementation of this technology increases productivity and potential revenue, outweighing the upfront implementation costs.

A few of the reasons discussed were:

  • The ability to integrate Microsoft solutions with exisiting platforms and data sources
  • Cross-selling and up-selling capabilites for new lines of business with field service offerings
  • Standardized, easy-to-use user interfaces, aiding with user adoption and onboarding ease
  • Innovation and cost-saving measures from utilizing Microsoft's cloud-based business applications
  • A focus on user productivity improvement throguh automation and standardization of repeatable manual processes

For more details surrounding the substantial ROI from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration, view the comprehensive report here.

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