CRM for Tablets: How to debug those script errors

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If you’ve spent any time developing with the CRM mobile app, you know how frustrating it can be when trying to track down bugs. It’s one thing if the browser version of CRM is having the same issues, but adding Xrm.Utility.alertDialog calls will only get you so far. However, the guys over at Dynamics CRM Tip of the Day posted a fantastic way around this that’s so sensible and easy, I’m surprised it’s not more widely recommended: Tip #803: Troubleshooting form scripts in mobile.

It ties back to the fact that you can open a mobile app emulator in your browser, which they also covered in Tip #127: Test CRM for Tablets from a PC browser. You log into CRM, then enter in the following URL in a different window or tab, switching out the “” and the “org” and “server” variables to match your environment:

From there, it’s as simple as adding debugger statements to your code, just as you would when troubleshooting the web version. It’s so simple and obvious, but I’m sure it doesn’t occur to many developers that the debugger statements will still be picked up by the browser when the emulator runs the JavaScript. Of course, the browser version of the mobile app isn’t a perfect representation of what runs on the tablet, but this is definitely a useful tool to have.

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