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Cloud Technology Leading to Smarter Business Decisions

Unlike years ago, starting a new business does not mean the necessity to invest in expensive servers and software. Instead, many businesses are turning to cloud technology. It is now an incredibly worthwhile option for delivering IT services to a company, delivering great value for business outcomes. By the end of 2014, cloud technology will have generated over $150 billion in revenue, with only greater demand in the future.

CRM 2015 and Cortana

As a Windows Phone user, I love Cortana. In my truck – at stoplights of course – I will use Cortana integrated with Bluetooth to start playing music from my XBox Music collection (both on device and cloud collection) by saying something like “Play album ‘Train of Thought'” or maybe send a quick text to say “I’m on my way.” Cortana isn’t just for for fun, though. You can now use Cortana with Microsoft CRM 2015.

Making the Sale

As many would have guessed, the holiday season is the most profitable time during the year. In today’s digital world, it is important to engage with the gift givers and seekers in the digital marketplace either before or during the purchase process, as it will lead to a greater chance for conversion.

Has the CIO Job Description Become Outdated?

Cloud computing was named one of the 12 most disruptive technologies to change the relationship between the CIO and the boardroom. Other disruptive technologies included: mobile internet, automation of knowledge, advanced robotics, energy storage and 3D printing. Disruptive technologies aren’t necessarily negative, but instead a threat to available options. Cloud computing is a game changer, steadily replacing traditional software and services licensing models due to greater technological capabilities and changes in the demands in the market.

Give your company the perfect holiday gift!

No better way to say happy holidays to your co-workers than giving the gift of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015! Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 takes one step further to provide better solutions for your business.

Infographic: When to Hire

Recruiting involves attracting talent for a job at the right time. However, how do you know when the right time is? Data Scientist Kasia Senderowska conducted a study for SmartRecruiters on when the right time to hire is.

Enabling CORS from Dynamic List of Origins (Web API 2)

I was building an API recently using .NET Web API 2. When the project was sent to the client, they revealed to me that they would be making client-side AJAX calls from a different server than the one the API was deployed on. If calls are attempted, an error will be presented that looks something like “XMLHttpRequest cannot load.” No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin is therefore not allowed access.