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10 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

Learn all the secrets to Pat Sullivan's success in his eBook. Click here to read it! As a two-time Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Pat Sullivan has distilled the critical career lessons that drove his remarkable success. TopLine Strategies is an unabashed supporter of Sullivan and his work. He is a great friend and a strong supporter of TopLine Strategies.

White Paper Review: Intersecting Project Management and Business Analysis

I recommend Dan Stober's article, “Intersecting Project Management and Business Analysis.”  His white paper treatment of the subject of Project Management (PM) and Business Analysis (BA) intersection and separation is a good read for organizations driving high function point projects. His article contributes to the BA and PM role conversation on many levels. As a certified and experienced BA and PM, Strober identifies where the BA and PM roles intersect, frames foundational role and responsibility definitions, and he stages elements of his viewpoints for more in depth conversation.

Getting the Current User Information in a Plugin

I was working with MS CRM 2011 and I had a situation where I needed to get the information about the current user in the middle of plugin execution. When you start digging around the documentation in MS CRM you'll find that there are two properties that look like they might have the information you need:

Crawl, Walk, Run to Cloud Adoption

How can your organization be successful with cloud adoption? In order to accomplish this, you will need to develop careful planning and a road map with measurable metrics to help you along the way.

These stages are outlined on in an article written by Carlos Granda, EVP with RiverMeadow, one of the best tool and solution vendors in the cloud migration space.

Stage One: Crawl

Knockout Select Value Binding

I've used KnockoutJS with a few different projects and really like its two-way binding. However, one quirk I've ran into was binding to a select element. The select was bound to an array of Github repository objects and I wanted the selected item value to be the current repository object, not just one of its properties. For example, Listing 1 shows a sample repository and instead of the select value being say "id", I wanted it to be the entire object.

What is the worst hiring mistake a company can make?

We have all made mistakes along the way when it comes to the hiring process, but what is considered as the biggest mistake companies make? No, it’s not failing to hire someone who turned out to be a superstar at a different company, or actually hiring someone you thought would be a good addition to the company, but turned out to be a dud.  

Become a Metrics-driven SaaS Business

In order to become a successful SaaS business, it not only takes time and commitment, but of course, plenty of customers, particularly stable ones, which results from a low churn rate that comes from delivering operational value to clients over time. What are the stages of development to get there, and how can metrics help a firm to get there? Joel York, a thought leader in this area, in his Chaotic Flow blog last month, proposed a nice four stage maturity model for this development towards the metrics driven SaaS organization.