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More 2013 Client API Enhancements

My co-worker Rod mentioned a nice CRM 2013 client SDK API change in his. Keeping up with the latest changes in various products can be quite a task given the number of tools we all have to work with as well as the rapid pace of changes to those tools. Sometimes a short video or document helps sort through what's new. There's short but very helpful video that outlines the new CRM 2013 client SDK features.

IT Faces Hiring Difficulties

In the latest CompTIA IT Industry Business Confidence Index, IT executives expressed concerns about the challenges of finding technology workers with the right skills.

One-third of companies surveyed said they are understaffed, while 42 percent said they are fully staffed, but want to hire in order to expand. Half of all companies said they have job openings. Broken down by company size, 76 percent of large firms; 75 percent of medium companies; 47 percent of small business; and 18 percent of micro firms reported having current job openings.

Creating MS CRM Auto-Numbering

We had a customer that wanted to have an auto-number field on an entity in MS CRM 2011. While CRM 2011 offers an out-of-the box numbering system for some entities, it's not available for all entities. So, we came up with our own. There were several things it had to do:

Culture and People Determine Success. Are You Hiring Under This Philosophy?

When augmenting your team, how do you ensure that you hire the right people to cultivate the right culture from the beginning? Here’s how: Engage Prospects with Social Media Go where they go! Subscribe to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and make sure your messaging is consistent about your business. After all, that is where we promote our positions we have available.

CRM 2013 Online and On-Premise: Handy Dev Tools

I've always believed that most anything is possible, as long as you have the right tools. The holds true with Dynamics as much as it does with home repair or car maintenance, and having the right tools at your disposal can turn time-consuming dev tasks into trivial ones.

Do’s and Don’ts for Rejecting Candidates

Rejection can be a heavy pill to swallow. However, if done correctly, instead of the candidate having a negative image in their mind about your company for why you didn’t respond by following these do’s and don’ts you can help make their rejection experience a bit more positive.
DO follow up with every candidate 

DateTime Filtering and Sorting with Kendo Grid

If you have ever used a Kendo grid before, its possible that you've run into the same issue as me with filtering/sorting DateTime fields. Let's say you have a grid that includes a column CREATEDATE, and has sorting and filtering enabled. The issue with DateTime columns is that most of the time we don't want to display the entire timestamp; for grid purposes we may want to display just the date, or a date and short time.