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How to Work with a Staffing Agency and Improve Your Results

Give the agency a chance to hear directly from the to the hiring manager in order to get his/her expectations for a winning candidate.

In order to ensure that we are meeting the demands of the hiring manager, let us speak directly to them during a technical call so we can have an accurate understanding of the job.

When agency recruiters want to know your company culture, take them seriously.

CRM 2013 Online: Retrieve Audit Records for an Entity

At times, it can be handy to dump all the Audit records for a particular entity, whether for testing or reporting. If you have an on-premise installation of CRM 2013, this is just a matter of putting together some SQL to extract the data you want directly from the database, but it's a bit more tricky when dealing with the cloud.

Hybrid Matters, But Why?

Does your company use private or public cloud options? There are benefits to each, but then there is also another vital option in the mix, the hybrid cloud option. This later one is perhaps the most important of all, because few can afford the purity of all private or all public, due both the legacy investments as well as the nature of the app stack.

Next Big Tech Movement: Internet of Things

CRM systems within companies have helped revolutionized how we view the facilitation of employees' efforts to help the customer. However, what is the new shift occurring with CRM systems? The next shift is called Internet of Things (IoT). This means that businesses will be able to gather information from an increasing number of devices including, televisions, refrigerators, cars and mobile electronics.

Updating CRM records using LINQ

Recently, I have been working on a application to import data into MS CRM. The data would come from a spreadsheet, and I would either insert or update records depending on whether or not certain criteria already existed. To start off, I used the CRM SDK code generation tool (CrmSvcUtil.exe) to create my CRM classes. I also configured my application to use the XRM client, as outlined here.

Tech Wages Hit All-Time High

In the latest analysis of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data, it reported that the average hourly salary for tech consultants is at an all-time high, hitting $42.17 in February. Also hitting an all-time high is the amount of tech pros’ hours worked, which increased to 38.8 hours per week.

As an HR Professional, how do you pinpoint the best and brightest of what’s sure to be a growing pool of technology-talent-for-hire?

Microsoft Core OS Virtualization Advancements Improve the Life of the SQL and CRM Server Engineers

Let’s say you are a Microsoft shop, but using VMWare still to host things like MS SQL Server images, CRM Servers and SharePoint Servers.  Are you losing anything by trying to use the VMWare hypervisor stack instead of the MS Hyper-V solution? It looks like the answer is increasingly yes. One example that impacts engineers every day is running test copies of VM’s in local environments, and trying to work out the kinks before deployment into local private cloud.

Table To Enum Using T4 Template

Most developers have used enums at some point in their development process. They are basically strongly typed compile-time constants and allow you to assign a symbolic name to an integer value, removing the use of magic numbers, which leads to more maintainable code. Most projects tend to have several enums that mirror database lookup tables and these values tend to get out of sync over time and can be tedious to maintain.