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2013 Trends in Salary Compensation

This summer, PayScale, a compensation analysis survey organization, released a report that detailed trends in employee compensation through major U.S. markets. They collected data from employed workers from each quarter dating back to 2007. The report specifically measured data on the 20 largest metropolitan areas, 15 industries, 19 job categories and 3 company sizes. We compiled data for the Information, Media and Telecommunications Industry, IT Professionals and specific data on the Phoenix marketplace.

Accessing the QueryString from JavaScript

While working on a new MVC project, a co-worker asked if there was a way to access the querystring values from JavaScript. After thinking about the dynamic script injection approach I had used in the past with WebForms, it dawned on me that the querystring is already accessible via JavaScript as part of the window object.

Hiring in an aggressive economy

An article written for recently outlined the aggressive hiring currently taking place in many key U.S. locations. They discuss that locations like New York City and Silicon Valley, are experiencing rapid growth in IT hiring as subject matter experts in engineering are becoming a must have. In an effort to locate top talent, the author outlines some hiring tactics. They discuss tactics such as recruiting events, company–wide sourcing, social media promotions and cultural fit investigations.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales Professionals

Microsoft recently released this video that explains the benefits of using MS CRM for business growth. In short, a properly implemented CRM and marketing automation platform can help any organization build more leads, increase conversion rates of leads to revenue, and build longer term, more profitable relationships.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

The New York post recently published an article entitled "Email Marketing is Dead" and ironically enough it was the most emailed article of the day.

So is email marketing dead? Or is it evolving? Marketo recently released an info-graphic that provides data that refutes the idea that email is dead and provides interesting insight into the behaviors of the marketplace.

Using Kendo UI and MVVM

Things have been a bit busy, but I wanted to take the time to share a few thoughts on web forms vs. not using web forms as well as links on the MVVM pattern as implemented with the Kendo UI from Telerik. I have a customer that has been using the Telerik Ajax Controls for ASP.NET for their internal applications. While web forms certainly have their place, they're starting to feel a bit stale.

Summer Jobs Report - Best in Years?

ADP in conjunction with data analysis partner, Moody's Analytics, released a July Report which indicates the private sector added 200,000 jobs. This number beat analyst predictions by 17,000 jobs. Total new jobs created in the last 2 months is 398,000.