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JavaScript: A Quick Look at Some Aspects of the Language

As is the case with many coders, I started with JavaScript having a solid foundation in the basics, but I learned much of what I know now on the fly. Because of this, I feel that it's important for me to regularly brush up on aspects of a language that I may not be 100% familiar (or even comfortable) with. In Ben Lakey's recent post, JavaScript: The Important Parts, he briefly discusses Douglas Crockford's book JavaScript: The Good Parts and the portions that impacted him the most.

4 Lessons for Success with your Sales Team

For the growth of small and medium sized organizations, the importance of an effective sales team can not be overlooked. John Treace, an executive with more than 30 years sales experience recently published his thoughts on and highlights 4 interesting thoughts on the subject: 

A Developer's Comparisons Between and MS CRM

I was searching for a file the other day and I found a document I had created back when I was learning In this document, I noted some of my initial thoughts comparing the development environments of and MS CRM as well as some feature/functionality comparison. It's certainly not an exhaustive list but they were things I noticed right away. Without further ado, here's the list!