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Trends That May Impact Recruiting and Workforce Management in 2013

At the beginning of every New Year, businesses hunker down and build out their budgets, projections and overall goals usually in the form of long and sometimes overwhelming planning meetings.  This is no different for HR professionals especially surrounding their staffing and workforce management objectives.  According to a recent article by Jon Picoult from Monster titled, “Staffing and Workforce Planning: What’s In Store for 2013,” HR folks will have to consider four important trends that will impact 2013.  These trends will need to be given some genuine thought as every company will be a

Change the Way You May be Looking at Marketing

As a new fiscal year begins, marketing agendas for the new year should certainly be a central topic of conversation. It is common for organizations, especially at the small business level, to get tied down in daily business operations and consequently view marketing communications as a chore rather than as a tool set for continued growth and success.  As 2013 plans begin to take shape, it is important to look back on 2012 strategies and highlight areas for improvement in the year to come. This year, make sure you have a plan for better marketing communications.

Tips for People New to QlikView

As someone whose background has been in development of business applications (specifically around Microsoft technology), when I started working with QlikView a ways back, it was a transition. Sure, you're still building something using technology for end users, but it requires a different way of thinking. Here are some tips to keep in mind when starting with QlikView if you come from a traditional software development background.

Telerik RadComboBox Visual Artifact in IE9 Compatibility Mode

We have a web application that we support for IE 7, 8, and 9, both in and out of compatibility mode, and, despite the quirks between the three versions, we fortunately don't run into too many browser-specific issues. I did have to recently address an odd visual artifact, though, that appeared on our RadComboBoxes after we upgraded our Telerik .dll's to the latest version.

The Future of Sales Technology

Authors Geoffrey James and Howard Stevens, are co-authors of the book "The End of Sales As We Know It" and recently published an article on which discusses their views on the future of sales technology. They compiled their Top 5 opinions in the list below. You can read the full article or download an e-version of their book by clicking here

The Future of Sales Technology 

Employee Turnover expected to rise; what is driving interest in change?

Glassdoor released a survey recently that forecasts some interesting trends for the U.S. job market in 2013. The survey accepted feedback from 2,249 adults, among whom, 1,470 are employed or unemployed but looking for work.

Their answers revealed interesting insight to what employees really care about:

1) Pay

2) Commute

3) Career growth

4) Amount of work

5) Company reputation