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Creating an HTML Text Area in Spotfire

Recently, I was working with TIBCO Spotfire, creating a dashboard with different visualizations as well as a text area. While trying to layout my content however, it became apparent that the Text Area lacked any HTML input option. This struck me as a little odd; I'm not entirely sure why it isn't an option, but the good news is that there is a way to implement an HTML editor within Spotfire. First, create a new dashboard and insert a text area titled "HTML Text Area". This will be the text area that we want to edit. Next, we'll add another text area titled "Update HTML".

Budgeted Salary Increases Expected to Rise for 2013

According to a recent study from Culpepper, average base salaries are projected to increase across most global regions for 2013. On average, base salary increases are still lower than levels before the 2008 global economic crisis and with continued global market uncertainty still a concern; many companies are forgoing a “one-size-fits-all” approach to salary increases and applying them to individuals and departments within the firm.