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Implementing a Paging Repeater

In this post we are going to talk about repeaters, but more specifically implementing paging to repeaters. Repeaters are a convenient way to display a list of data, while allowing for custom layout/formatting/styling of that list. We will use one of my current projects as an example. In the site there several posts, or articles, written by many different users. When a user searches for posts or clicks on a specific category, we want to show them a list of all the posts that are retrieved.

How to Optimize Salesforce License Types and Lower your Salesforce Cost by half?

Do you need to pay $125 for each user in order to use Salesforce? 

The answer is no.  There are ways to increase the user adoption without hurting your budget.

For those of you using Salesforce Enterprise edition, you may be able to use licenses for many of your users to substantially reduce your Salesforce CRM system costs. Enterprise users can co-exist in your Salesforce database along with your Saleforce Enterprise users because Enterprise and Salesforce Enterprise Edition access the same database.

TSQL Filtering with CHARINDEX

Filtering in TSQL where you need to compare a string field against several different values is often done with the "IN" clause like this. [code language="SQL"] WHERE segment IN('1','2','3') [/code] It's not difficult, just cumbersome because of the single quote delimiters, especially when there are many values to deal with.

Salesforce Best Practices Part 7 – Case Management

Be sure to have a well defined case management process -Poor case management can actually hurt you more than poor sales management. Once you have that customer, keep them happy. Touch your cases daily -Customers want to know that they have not been forgotten. Be sure to either set a time to contact them (and do not miss it) or send them an update daily to let them know that you are still working on it. Keep detailed case notes.  -Someone else may have to contact the customer on your case.

Salesforce Best Practices Part 6 – Opportunity Management

Be sure to have a well understood sales process

  • Your sales stages directly affect your sales pipeline and forecast. Be sure you are using sales stages that everyone can agree on.
  • Too many sales stages will confuse the sales rep. Eventurally it will mislead the sales pipeline.

A Close Date should never be in the past

Salesforce Best Practices Part 4 - Activity Management

Create Tasks or Events from related records at the lowest level in the relationship.

For example if you are creating a task associated with an Opportunity be sure to create the task in the Opportunity object rather than in the Account record, or a Contact record, associated with the Opportunity.  This way, the linking is automatically populated and you reduce the chance of relating to a wrong record.

Log a call during or right after the call.