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Project Teams in Space: The Times Are Changin' (Again)

What makes for a productive software development office environment?   How much "close" company is too much, and how much isolation and quiet is simply too much?  When is an interruption welcome and needed, and when is it a mental reboot that sets back focus by 15-30 minutes each and every time it hits?  When is management's new 'space plan' about creating great teamwork, and when is it about seeing how many people can be crammed into the smallest number of square feet of costly grade A office space?

CRM 2011: Issue with Opening a New Window from Outlook with ADFS Enabled

With CRM 2011, ribbon customization requests are fairly common, and it doesn't take much to create a custom button that will generate an entity record of some type, then pop open the finished product. It's just a matter of editing the RibbonDiffXml in an exported solution's customizations.xml file, pointing the button to a JavaScript web resource, and handling everything else with OData. Once the record's created and the guid is returned, we simply build the URL and fire off a