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Script Table Data with TSQL

As a developer, when working with a database the need to script data often arises, especially if only a subset of the data is changed or added to a table in your Development environment. The new or changed data will need to be added to your Test and/or Production environment at some point or sent to a client. In my case, I was dealing with a number of rule tables in a SQL Server 2005 database that had new records add which needed to be applied to our Test environment.

Dynamic Pivot Table - Dinamica

On this post, I will talk about how to create a dynamic Pivot Table. As you may know the "Pivot" statement is a data summarization tool that can be used in order to analyze specific information. The Pivot Table is very common on BI Tools such as Microsoft Reporting Services. The first step would be creating the headers that will be used for our Pivot Table. Because the Pivot Table I am creating is dynamic the columns have to be created first. In order to do that, I will create a table that will have all the months.