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Have You Ever Applied To ____?

Information Technology is one of those Industries that at times, requires some highly specialized individuals with hard to find skill sets.  From a recruiter’s standpoint, these positions can cause some major headaches, which is why many organizations will look to outside agencies that specialize in finding IT talent.  Not only are these agencies able to tap into their network, but can devote the time needed to source and qualify candidates; precious time that some HR professionals aren’t able to devote.  I have been recruiting for 7 years and have placed both contract and direct hire posit

Sorting a Listbox with jQuery

One of the web pages for a recent project required the use of several listboxes and I found myself needing a way to quickly sort a given listbox due to the large number of options in some cases. Changing the underlying data source would certainly work for say, ascending order (and I did do that), but what if you wanted to toggle between ascending and descending? I could used Ajax, but since the sorting was only to aid selecting an item, I decided to just use jQuery client-side. The following is an example of a listbox with several options and a button to perform the sort.

Handling Session Timeout without Using Cookies

Recently I’ve been working on the early stages of development for a website. While testing, the session state timeout was beginning to be quite a pain. Sure I can extend it, but if I walk away from my computer long enough for a timeout, I come back expecting to be able to use the site and am unpleasantly surprised when I realize my session has been lost. I needed to come up with a more graceful way to handle this situation.