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Query MS CRM XML Entity with XQuery and LINQ

In our company we have been working on a large MSCRM 2011 project. Last week, I was asked to create a report listing all the visible fields for each entity in the solution. During my search, I found a few different ways to do it, but the most fun way was querying the XML. The XML is created when the solution is exported. It's normally several levels deep and even when the structure would depend on the solution the XML listed below is an example of how it would looks like.

CRM 2011 - Hiding a Form's Header and Footer

While Microsoft provides a button to minimize a form's header, we had to fulfill a requirement to automatically minimize the header and completely hide the footer for several entities. The reasoning behind this was that most users weren't going to be making changes to these records, so the client wanted to provide the maximum amount of viewable space. For instance, the Account form normally displays like this, but we wanted to reclaim at least that 90px of height from the ribbon: