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SQL 2005: Adding and modifying XML node attributes

There's a change we're making to one of our projects that relies on a couple new XML attributes, however, we already have data in our development system that we want to keep. While the XML would be updated when the project saves it, nobody wants to manually open and click through the 2000+ forms we've generated over the past couple years, so I ended up creating a sproc that would do it for us.

WCF, Entity Framework and N-Tier Solutions – Part 3

Create the Silverlight Application If you've read my two previous posts on the subject, you will know that I promised to do a part 3 to this series that will show how to wire up what we did in creating our N-Tier solution using WCF and Entity Framework to an actual application. In this case, we will create a Silverlight application that can consume our WCF services and display them on a page. This will not be as long as the other two posts, but it should give you a general idea of how this is to be done.