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Manipulate file names with the Path class

During a recent .NET project I was tasked with building a UI that would allow users to upload a file to the server which would later be parsed and imported into a database table. The process was simple enough:

The Answers You Need, Anytime, Anywhere

With today's competition, if you're not going mobile, you're going backwards.

Make no mistake, mobile Business Intelligence is coming fast and its impact will be significant and lasting.  QlikView offers the first Business Discovery mobile BI experience.  It puts business users in control of exploring and exploiting their data without limits on any device.

Adding Client-side Values to CheckBoxLists

ASP.NET CheckBoxLists have been broken for years, but, up until recently, it never really mattered to me that they don't render item values in the HTML. As long as I could get the value during a postback, I was happy. Of course, tons of postbacks make for a lousy user experience, so I was bound to run into this problem, eventually. One of our projects has a client-side business rule engine that relies on the "value" attribute of the various controls it interacts with, so some newly-added CheckBoxLists were not behaving as expected.