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Forbes: 2011 CC's Predictions

R "Ray" Wang writing for the Forbes CIO Network this week postulates some impressive psychological and business next steps for cloud computing in 2011.  Saying we are “past the tipping point” already on all 4 major layers in 2010, Wang writes as follows about what 2011 holds in store:

Getting a Handle on Error Handling

Though it is certainly not a good coding practice, no error handling is far better than half-baked error handling. Without any sort of error handling in your code, any time the user performs an action that defies reason or your sysadmin throws the server out the window, you'll likely get some ugly exception splashed across the user's screen. However, no matter how distasteful project managers often find them, these error messages usually contain helpful information that gives some poor codemonkey a hint as to what the problem might be.

Remove "ArrayOf" from a serialized list of class objects

Well, if you are reading this because you found it through a google search, you are probably already annoyed at the fact that your serialized list of a class inserts a node that includes the text "ArrayOf". I had the same problem this last week during a project and I thought that I would explain the solution. To begin with, I might mention that I found many blog posts around the web that gave me the answer that I needed, but most simply mentioned the concept of a "container class" or gave a couple lines of code as an example.

The WBS: Making the first mistake

The work breakdown structure is not a "to do" list. Rather, it is a hierarchy of deliverables with major deliverables developed during a scope definition process which we then decompose into smaller and smaller deliverables.