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CIO resources: Top five technology topics of 2009

Throughout 2009, our midmarket CIO briefings from have covered strategic IT topics to keep our readers abreast of the important IT initiatives and developments during these recessionary times. Here, we pull together the top five IT topics of 2009 based on reader interest and feedback.

Practical Analysis: The Industry-Specific Cloud

The last thing Vogels wants is to start twisting and turning the Amazon cloud into something that can meet the arcane requirements of every regulation. If the sensible approach Amazon has taken isn't good enough, then look for a different service. And it's my bet that you'll find one. Federal, state, finance, pharma--you name it and someday there will be a sector-specific cloud for it.

The Greatest Sales Strategy Ever

by Jon Gordon



As a student of people and ideas I have to admit that what two guys are doing in a Northeast Florida Starbucks is absolutely genius.

Rackspace Cloud Business: A Closer Look

Rackspace is seeing growth in its cloud computing business at the same time the company’s traditional managed hosting operation acquires more of an up-market tone. But exactly how much has RackSpace’s cloud grown? And where is it going next? Here’s a look at the company’s strategy.