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Disabling SQL Server Constraints

Adding and removing constraints from an existing SQL Server database table is performed using the ALTER TABLE statement.

The following statement is an example of adding a primary key constraint to the Account table:


Pinning Visual Studio Projects to the Taskbar in Windows 7

I love the ability to have recent files listed and various shortcuts for documents of an application pinned to a program’s taskbar icon in Windows 7.  I had shortcuts to Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2005 pinned to the taskbar, but unfortunately, when you right click the taskbar icons you don’t get access to the most recently used solutions and projects - you only get the most recently used files.  You can’t even manually pin solutions or projects to them.  There is, however, a workaround!

Understanding the Customer vs Customer Value

“It is not about working software. It is not about your preferred working process. It is not about user stories. It is not only about your customer or user. It is all about delivering, to your set of Stakeholders, value improvements to them, to what they care about, what makes their world better, within agreeable, minimum or pre-determined costs. If that is not the main focus, if that is not clear to everyone on the team, you will eventually loose! If your methods are not focusing on delivering that value, as todays most popular Agile methods are not, they will fail to deliver, they will become last years fad.”