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To WBS or not to WBS?

Trying to strike a balance between agility and risk-mitigating structure is a difficult task for any PM.   This is true not just in software development, but in all projects.  Have you ever managed a project or been part of a project team where the stakes are high, but you feel that too much structure is in place?  Not only can this impede production, but it can frustrate the team and do more harm than good to the quality of the result.  The Agile methodology is so popular among development teams because of the low project management “friction” involved, giving the team the ability to chart

Desktop Virtualization R/x for Medical Center

Oakland's Alameda County Medical Center completely sidestepped buying hundreds of new PCs, opting instead for a thin-client solution delivering consistent high performance to users. This timely case study shows how.

Citrix propaganda, but that said, darn useful to sorting out thin client technology in the medical environment.

- Michael Grollman

Waking A Computer From Sleep Mode Remotely

Has your computer ever gone into sleep mode and you can’t remote desktop to it?  There’s a way to wake it up by sending what’s called a “magic packet”.  Before the "how", here are some things to consider: