CRM 2015 Gotchas: Native N:N Relationship Behavior on the Tablet App

One of our projects has a simple N:N relationship between an entity and itself, as an easy way for a user to associate possible duplicate records with one another. In the browser and in Outlook, this functionality works well; the user can either add an existing record via a subgrid on the form or through the associated view. In the tablet app, however, a very vague error is thrown the moment the user selects the record to add:

The Mustache of JavaScript HTML Generation

Especially on web pages that rely heavily on front end logic, the problem arises where we have to generate dynamic HTML and inject it into the DOM via JavaScript. JavaScript code that generates HTML markup is not only hard to read, but it also violates the concept of separating driving logic and presentation of a web page. 

I personally have seen a lot of clunky JavaScript code that builds HTML based on dynamic data (e.g. JSON received by AJAX calls). Here is an example of how dynamic HTML generation can get out of hand:

Tips to Consider When Seeking Your Next Developer

When hiring a programmer to join your company, you are seeking out an individual with the right skillset and personality to add to your team. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the market, many of the top programmers are not on the market and rarely have to apply for positions. Rather, they are sought out for positions and funneled in through connections, networking and professional recommendations.

When your company is seeking its next star developer, it is important to steer clear of the following five hiring blunders:

No News Isn't Good News

In many situations, the saying “no news is good news” is true and desired. However, in customer service, no news from your customer base is not necessarily good news. With serious problems, only about 25 percent of customers will actually act on their negative experience and complain to a customer service representative or a manager, and in business-to-business environments, less than five percent of customers will complain because they feel it won’t do either party any good. The majority of negative experiences will go silently.

Give Your CRM Data a Good Cleaning

Do you ever wish you could have an additional 30 percent of time during your workday? Do you ever feel you weren’t productive enough with the time you had? According to SiriusDecisions, sales professionals spend, on average, 30 percent of their day researching contact information to enter into CRM to resolve incomplete data issues. Incomplete data is one of the main reasons that salespeople are deterred from consistent CRM usage.

Gain ROI on your Marketing Automation Implementation

Whether you are a company executive or a valued member of a marketing department, the efforts in marketing can make or break revenue success, name recognition and gaining new customers. A key player in marketing efforts is the successful implementation and use of a marketing automation system. When installed and utilized properly, it can lead to strong ROI with the addition of new, qualified leads and name recognition in the field.

Going One Step Farther

An important part of any hiring process is interviews. Whether on the phone or in-person, they will be able to tell you much more than a resume or job application might. It is during an interview that the skills and positions portrayed on the resume and application can be followed up on in more detail, to see if their experience matches the skill set you desire for your current opening. What exactly does having three years’ experience in a specific technical stack mean to them versus what it might mean to your company?

Convert XML to .NET Classes

Even though JSON is more frequently used for data interchange now, I still find myself dealing with the serialization and de-serialization of XML data from time to time. In .NET, building the classes to support the XML structure can be time consuming and tedious for complex data.

Recruiting through the Video Screen

In today’s busy corporate environment, it is imperative to find the best candidates for open positions before they take another opportunity. However, trying to schedule in-person interviews can be tricky, as it involves finding an opening in all affected parties’ schedules and arranging the visit. If the individual interviewing is from out of town, the logistics of scheduling the interview become even more difficult and costly.