Making Hiring More Mobile

Mobile devices are becoming prevalent in our professional and daily lives. If someone asked you where your cell phone was at this moment, how far away from you is it? Are you reading this blog on it? Is it next to you? Possibly in your pocket? For almost two billion people globally, at any moment, their cell phone is not far away from them.

Introducing the Lightning Experience

On August 25, 2015, Salesforce, with immense fanfare, was excited to release the Lightning Experience. The Lightning Experience boasts a total interface and experience re-design based on feedback and suggestions from actual Salesforce users to create a more modern, sleek look and feel. Why was it time for the redesign?

Tweeting Service Success

Social media is becoming more engrained in the customer service process, as the available support channels grow. According to The Northridge Group Inc., Twitter, specifically is embracing its place as an irreplaceable customer service channel.

The Ten Commandments for Job Candidates

  1. Thou Shalt Maintain a Professional Online Presence: Job hunting is not one sided. Recruiters and hiring consultants are scouring the job boards for qualified candidates to interview for their openings. Make sure the presence you put forward is professional. Negative or inappropriate social media posts could also make or break a job offer.

Informatica – Generating Mapping Configuration Tasks in ICRT

Informatica – Generating Mapping Configuration Tasks in ICRT

Informatica exposes an endpoint that allows the generation of new mapping configuration tasks. In order to integrate it into an Informatica process, we need to know more about how an action in a service connection needs to be configured in order to communicate with this endpoint.

Your Second Resume

A survey from Jobvite concluded that LinkedIn, with over 300 million profiles worldwide, is the top social network for recruiters when they are searching for candidates. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your second resume. It is incredibly important to keep it updated, as you never know when a recruiter with your next job opportunity will be searching. 

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

The English idiom, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” encourages children to not judge people they meet or what they see around them, in general, by their outward appearance exclusively. This same saying will hopefully follow children through their entire life.

The I in CIO

Traditionally, the “I” in “CIO” has stood for information, however is that still the case? Today, there are a few words that have found their way into the executive title, including infrastructure, innovation, influence, integration and intelligence.

Outsourcing for Project Success

When a large project is on the line, you want the best team in place to complete the initiative quickly and efficiently. Especially when involving IT initiatives, like customizing and implementing new software systems, it is important to involve the best talent available, whose experience will propel your initiative forward.